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Structural and Foundation Inspection Services

We are committed to offering our experts opinion for any structural or foundation inspections in a timely and professional manner. Our experience is diverse and covers a wide variety of ancillary and construction services. We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers that offer customized services to all our customers.


Structural Engineer Foundation Inspection

We are committed to providing our clients with professional quality structural and foundation inspection services throughout Houston Texas. You can have peace of mind when you contact us for inspection services, as our foundation inspection services are fair and based on experience.

We have completed many structural and foundation assessments in Houston; our engineers are licensed and highly educated and are among the most respected engineers in the area. Building systems that are structurally defective and diminish the value of the house. So, hire us now and protect your investment.

Foundation Structural Engineer

Our foundation structural engineers are licensed, local, and experienced. As a matter of fact, they have ample experience and are highly knowledgeable, which is why structural foundation inspection services have become one of our specialty. Hiring one of the inexperienced structural engineers to check the foundation of the house, office, or building can lead to the far economic implications in the long run.


But when you hire us, you can breathe a sigh of relief, you've got the right company the first time. It takes many years for our engineers to gain an ample amount of experience and the required skills to properly investigate the structural foundation of the building. Trust us, our engineers are your best bet.

Areas We Serve in Texas:


Houston, Texas           Cypress, Texas                    Cleveland, Texas                       Spring, Texas

Katy, Texas                   Pearland, Texas                   Sugarland, Texas                      Baytown, Texas

Houston Structural and Foundation Inspection Services

We are licensed and experienced in structural and foundation inspection of residential and commercial buildings. Our Professional Engineers have an average of 10+ years of hands-on engineering and construction experience. We have become the trusted independent advisor to many homeowners and property buyers who need to know if a structure or foundation is in healthy conditions. Our structural and foundation inspection is available in Houston and surrounding areas.


We are experienced with engineering and inspection of the following foundation systems:

- Simple Concrete Slabs

- Concrete Slab over Piers

- Concrete Footing under Brick Walls

- Piers and Crawl Space foundations

- Manufactured Home Foundations

- Post Tension Slabs