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Structural Engineer in Katy TX

Your Trusted Structural Engineers in Katy

Have you got the perfect architectural design of your building ready but want to test the feasibility of it with the most professional structural engineers in Katy? Then worry no more and leave the calculation of the stability, strength, and rigidity of your structures to our qualified engineers who take up the responsibility of your project at every point. Our team holds years of experience in working with architects and other building services engineers for various commercial structures and assures to lead from the front for the satisfaction of our clients. Hence, they can imply the creative designs with principles of structural engineering to make sure that your building remains strong for as long as your structure is alive. 

Foundation Structural Inspection Katy

Your building will only be secure as long as the foundation of it is set according to the right structural parameters.  This is where you need our foundation structural inspection that guarantees to pinpoint any potential problems beforehand so that you can get it fixed before it turns it some kind of massive trouble. A structural engineer here performs an in-depth inspection of your foundation and provides a report which will include interior & exterior examinations, along with expert level recommendations for your utmost safety in every case as well. 


Why Katy Foundation Inspection Is Important?

The biggest contribution that a structural engineer offers in your project is based on the report that they provide after a comprehensive Foundation Inspection. It is further categorized into

Internal Examinations

Here the structural engineers examine support beams, load-bearing devices or internal cracks (if any). Apart from that they also keep a keen eye on how doors, windows, and vents fit along with the strength of concrete walls as well.

Exterior Examinations

Evaluating the setup externally, the foundation inspector will look at water drainage, landscaping, and irrigation as a priority. Moreover, he will also warn you about any place with external cracks.