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Why we started the full service for home projects

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Well, we all know how important it is to hire a great home builder when you are building one for yourself! However, having confidence that you have the right contractor serving you is not always easy. That is why we at herluxuryhouse.com have included the full project management service to our services, because we understand how helpful we can be when we use our experience to select and monitor the process of building your house.

Building a house is usually a big project, with so many pieces of the puzzle, and often, the homeowners end up trusting their builders for the entire process because, as much as they love to check everything, it is just too many things to check, and they may not even have the experience or knowledge to verify the quality of the work.

The above reasons are only part of why we decided to offer the option to our clients to let us manage their home building project. This service, which we call it the "Full Service", can give the client piece of mind that an experienced structural engineer (with construction experience) will oversee the entire process of building the home. This means, not only the house is designed by our experienced and qualified engineer, but we also verify that the structure is built accordingly and the quality of the completed project actually meets all the requirements.

Licensed Structural Engineers at Her Luxury House

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