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Her Luxury House

An all inclusive service that will design, engineer, and deliver your dream home! 

Structural Engineering

Structural & Foundation Engineering

Great homes all have one thing in common – strong foundations and structural integrity. Her Luxury House is licensed to provide structural and foundation engineering services that will ensure your dream home lasts for generations to come.

Architectural Services

Architectural Design and Drawings

We pride ourselves on the creativity, innovation, and professionalism of our wonderful architects!  Our Architects will help you develop floor plans and drawings for a state of the art architectural design, specific to your needs.

Home Building Services

Home Building Services

Our expert construction team will be here to support you throughout your home building process. We use high quality materials to construct your dream home – in a timely manner and on a set budget! 

No Obligation Proposal

Schedule a fifteen minute call with no obligations!

Quick Service

We know your time is valuable, so we provide beautiful results in a timely manner.

Affordable Prices

We provide high quality work at an affordable price!

Local Professionals

If you’ve seen our ads, we have someone local to you to help create your dream home!

Custom Homes

Her Luxury Homes creates a streamlined experience through access to architects, engineers, and builders that will ensure your custom home is tailored to you from top to bottom. 

Modern Homes

Innovative Home Remodeling

Traditional Homes

Garage Apartments



Life gets busy, families begin to grow, and before you know it – you run out of space!  Whether it’s a small room or a large addition to your home, our expert team will assist you in expanding the house that you have already made home.

Renovations and Remodels

Whether it’s a small bathroom, a few changes in the kitchen, or a full scale remodel – we make the process easy. With architects available to help design, engineers to ensure your homes’ longevity, and a construction team to help your vision come to life, Her Luxury Homes is with you every step of the way. 

Home Remodeling

Bring new life to your living space! We can keep you cozy with expert home remodeling.

luxury kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodeling

From countertops to storage, our home remodeling team is here to whip your kitchen into shape.

Bathroom Remodeling

Want to spruce up your bathroom? We make the process easy – from planning to installation.

Office Renovations

 Our team can help you implement changes in your work space that increase productivity, and bring you a little joy! 

Our promise

We are committed to providing you with a streamlined and simple luxury home building experience. Our team at Her Luxury House LLC has completed over 100 projects and counting, each one with a commitment to excellence and exceeding our clients expectations. When you contact us, we provide you with a free quote that is sure to be incredibly competitive. Here at HLH, we know that luxury homes don’t always have to come with an outrageous price tag! When you choose to hire us, we will deliver the most beautiful results tailored to your needs. Welcome home!

See what our happy clients have to say! 

“Helped to navigate a stressful process related to a repair needed on our home. Felt comforting knowing that they were not profiting from the repair. (as with the “free estimate” repair companies)”

“It was a small bump in the road and I’m glad I came across this company. He helped us out a lot and got the work done. He made sure everything was done correctly so we wouldn’t have any more issues. I highly recommend him to everyone his the person to go to.”

“I needed a structural engineer first thing the next morning and they were able to fit me in. The explanations and level of expertise regarding all concerns and spotting others was accurate and useful for what I was trying to accomplish. I did not feel rushed or misunderstood. I would recommend their service to all.”

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If you saw our ads, we offer services to your region

To become and remain a QuiGig Professional Member or “QuiChoice”, we had to pass through a stringent quality control process and maintain strict requirements at all times, including offering competitive rates. That means, you can rest assure that when you hire us, you will receive a high quality service at a decent price.